Antonio Molinaro REALTOR

Internet Marketer since 1997. I stumbled across the Internet when it was called the “World Wide Web”. What started as a hobby, grew into a successful and profitable Internet business.

• REALTOR With HomeTowne Realty
• Internet Entrepreneur
• Decades of Business and Sales Experience
• Restaurateur For 30 Years
Old Cowboy Animal Rescue Sponsor & Volunteer
• TOP Retailer For Global Internet Company
• Specialize In Sales And Marketing
• Social Media Marketing Strategist
• Treat Every Client Like It’s A Million Dollar Deal

It All Started When I Came To America In 1970

Let me introduce myself – I am the proud son of Italian immigrants who came to this country in search of the American dream. Our family settled in Connecticut and enjoyed tremendous success in the restaurant business. In 1996 my wife Michele and I opened our own restaurant, Antonio‘s Italian Bistro. It was only a year later, while I was working in our restaurant office, that I discovered what was then called the World Wide Web.

I am living the American dream!

In 2017 I launched “Your Marketing Page”. We like to consider ourselves a boutique marketing company, big enough to make a difference yet small enough to provide that very important element – the personal touch! We specialize in website design, marketing pages, lead generation, digital marketing and advertising.

This year I celebrate my 24th anniversary as a professional Internet marketer. We understand the struggles when it comes to building a successful business. We like to consider ourselves as a “Boutique Marketing Company”, big enough to make a difference yet small enough to provide that very important element – the personal touch! We specialize in mobile first websites, website design, digital business cards, marketing pages, lead generation, digital marketing and advertising.

For over 15 years I’ve been building websites with WordPress. The shift has happened and the majority of viewing is now on MOBILE devices. Mobile Responsive and Mobile Friendly websites created on WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy or SquareSpace platforms aren’t fast enough in today’s mobile world. I am pleased to announce that I have partnered with the mobile first website builder of its kind that enables you to quickly build SUPERFAST websites, on both mobile and desktop devices.

For the past several years my wife Michele has been enjoying tremendous success as a Realtor and I recently decided to fulfill my own ambitions and pursue this exciting field as well. Many years ago we realized that not only did we marry the right person, but magic and success follows when the two of us join forces!

It’s Always Been A Dream To Be Involved In Real Estate

My new career as a Real Estate agent rests on decades of sales and marketing experience and I am confident I will exceed all your expectations, whether you are buying a new home or selling your present one. Just one example of how my Internet expertise that will assist both buyers and sellers is the custom search I developed on our website. You can simply set up your own specific requirements and you’ll get HOME ALERTS when homes hit the market.

I love this new chapter in my life. I challenged myself and at almost 60 years of age went back to school, something that was truly much harder than I ever imagined. Failure has never been an option for me, so after successfully completing my Real Estate courses, I couldn’t be prouder to have partnered with HomeTowne Realty. They care about all your real estate needs and gave me the assurance that we would work, not only with each other, but with all of our clients, as friends and family – something Michelle and I like to call FRAMILY.

My motto in my Real Estate business is, “drop everything and treat every client like it’s a million dollar deal”. I look forward to having you join me on my American Dream Journey – allow me share my Internet and marketing skills and find the key to the home of your dreams!

My Passion Is Helping Rescue Animals

Through our Real Estate business Michele had met a home builder by the name of Jerry Pounds from Jerry Pounds Construction. He also owns and operates an animal rescue in Benson called Old Cowboy Animal Rescue. Michele told me that he rescues dogs and cats. I told her, I would love to check out his rescue. So one day on July 2020 I decided to visit the animal rescue. When I got there, I fell in love with all the animals.

From that day forward I made a decision to donate my time and volunteer at the rescue. I try to go every day or every other day even if it’s just for an hour. It totally makes my day. I challenge you to find a local rescue and volunteer your time even if it’s for an hour. I guarantee you will feel great afterwards. 

So many animals need our help more than ever. I have never been so close to a horse, donkeys or goats, although we had donkeys and goats in Italy but I was only eight years old, LOL. Here are just a few photos of some of the rescues. Jerry’s rescue is called Old Cowboy Animal Rescue, they are a 501(c3) non-profit group dedicated to helping local animals in need of medical treatment, food and finding a safe and loving forever home.

No animal is turned away at Old Cowboy Animal Rescue. Now more than ever, they need the support from animal lovers like you and they don’t have the funds to operate, without all of you. Make a difference in the lives of these animals by making a small donation. Please visit the website HERE.

If you are looking to buy, my wife Michele and I are the ideal team with decades of business and sales experience to get you the best possible deal.

If you’re looking to sell we have 21 years of Internet marketing experience to advertise and market your home properly so it sell quickly. 

HomeTowne Realty
Our agency has sold thousands of homes in the Clayton, NC. and Greater Raleigh surrounding areas. Look no further for professional advice and knowledgeable service. I am confident that together we will navigate the real estate market and make the perfect deal!

Whether you are looking to buy or sell real estate – remember The Molinaro’s!

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